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Research Journal: Project Greenlight

We've officially hit the midpoint of the project. 

Looking back at my now-mangled print out of the project GANTT Chart, I can say I'm pretty on schedule. Thankfully, when I created my work schedule, I did so in such a way that the last month of work would be almost solely graphic design and usability. 

There have been minor changes. My Personas became more of an indepth analysis of the expert interviews I ran with Paul, Christina and Karly. I decided that Contextual Research would take the form of a Survey, which yielded some of the most telling information (I'll get into this later).

As far as scope cuts are concerned, I might have to reconsider the following: 

  • Assets for Badges, Icons
  • Better Logo
  • Research about legality and terms for user guided tours
  • Continue considering monetization possibilities
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