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Research Journal: Intro & Concept

Hey guys,


Hope y'all are doing well! I have decided to take down a weekly dev blog to track my progress for an app I will be making for my final course at SCAD. I'm really excited about the concept and more importantly, completing my Master's degree in Interactive Design! 

Here is my initial proposal for my final project. Inspired by the experiences I've had moving to new cities and traveling, I want to make an app all about discovering the hidden gems that are all around us. What make this mobile application stand out from others is that it will focus on community building. When I moved to Tallahassee from Miami, I no longer had connections to the free diving and spearfishing community. I had a very hard time finding other people with this same niche interest as me. 

This leads to my design question:

"How can we connect people with similar, specialized interests?"


I will research sources like, facebook groups, local newspapers and other potential ways people reach out to find other like-minded individuals. This is a space that I feel passionate about so I can't wait to get into research asap!




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