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Research Journal: Evaluating Risk

Asking someone to run a unbiased Risk Analysis on their own personal project is kind of like asking a parent to admit that their child is ugly. It's nearly impossible.

Despite the difficulty of the task, it is essential. In the planning phase of this project I decided I wanted to guide the workflow with the goal to teach and expose myself to methods and software I had seen mentioned in job postings that intrigued me. 

Axure is one of the industry staples for designing prototypes.


My goals were to

  1. substitute for Axure
  2. guide planning with the SCRUM and AGILE methods
  3. consider potential monetization 

Of course, I ran into problems. Axure took too long to send me a student license and I fell behind schedule trying to wait it out. I ended up reverting back to my go-to,


Another problem I ran into was research. SCAD has done an exceptional job of allowing me collaborative work space and some of the most enriching experiences I've had were due to interdisciplinary projects. The skills and tools I have learned from working with Deign Management and Service Design students has been indispensable for my research. However, because I am taking this course online and have moved back to Miami, I have had a hard time finding people to brainstorm with. More often than not, when I asked for opinions or ran paper prototype testing, people would say "This is great" or "That's so cool". There was little constructive criticism to be had. 

To fix this issue, I reached out to a number of nearby universities and local tech groups and asked if I could bring some of my work to be looked at. My success rates were pretty bad. Most people didn't respond, were dishonest about the help they would provide, or were too busy. Despite the hurdles I managed to go to the FIU Hardware Lab and have been able to interview a handful of brilliant people. 

It's been an uphill battle and more than anything, I regret leaving Savannah and losing the resources it provided me. 

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